Future Convention dates for Mercenaries

Hey all!

After the rip-roaring success of our last convention, we can confirm we will be attending 4 others this year:

  • Reunicon – September 2nd in Brighton
  • Concrete Cow – September 16th in Milton Keynes (we will be also selling at this event, with a special event discount! More details to come)
  • Raiders of the Game Cupboard – September 23rd in Staffordshire
  • Games Fest – October 21st in Tring (we will be also selling at this event, with a special event discount! More details to come)

At all 4 of these events we will be demoing Mercenaries.

We are also currently talking to the owners of Dragon Meet (December 2nd in Hammersmith) and hoping to organize something with them. Stay tuned for more info.

Don’t forget to book early for the previously mentioned conventions to avoid disappointment!

For more information, feel free to contact us at ColinAndRyanPearsonGames@Gmail.com


Ardacon 2017

We had an absolute blast attending this year’s Ardacon SBG International.

We took some photos at the event, some which can be seen below but all of them in this gallery.


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Ardacon 2017 & Exclusive Mercenaries Price

Today we have a special announcement.

We will be attending Ardacon SBG International 2017!

From Friday August 4th to Sunday August 6th, the international The Hobbit: Strategy Battle Game tournament will be running in the Mercure Piccadilly Hotel in Manchester.

There are many other games there to enjoy- including Mercenaries! We will be demoing the game and be selling it for the event-exclusive sale of £30.00!

Don’t forget to buy your tickets now, and we look forward to seeing you there!


For more information or advice on avoiding giant flaming eye, feel free to contact us at ColinAndRyanPearsonGames@Gmail.com

Future Plans & Projects, and what’s going into the box

We have created a new page detailing our Future Plans and Projects. This hints at information about other projects we are planning for the future.

However, we would like to emphasize we focus on one project at a time so as not to spread ourselves thin. Because we have multiple projects, we will often find an idea in one project that leads us to work on another due to similar themes.


In Mercenaries news, we have updated the information page with the contents of the base set. We are aiming to keep to this list, but we will update the page should this alter.


If anyone would like more information on what we are doing, please email us at ColinAndRyanPearsonGames@Gmail.com

Expansions to Mercenaries

As we develop the game, we are going to support it with regular expansion packs.

Each expansion pack will introduce:

  • New Monsters – With new abilities that change how they fight. We will also introduce abilities that cause a greater variety and number of monsters that appear in a room. This alters how players need to strategize from deck to deck and room to room, giving greater replayability with each expansion.
  • New Cards – New Skills and Abilities allowing players to create new strategies. New Area Features also throw new challenges at the players to contend with.
  • New Mechanics – Each expansion will focus on introducing new concepts (unique monster effects,skill cards that behave abnormally, and so on). These features would then make semi-regular appearances in future decks.


A little preview of what the future holds. Art by Josh Filhol.

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