Mercenaries is Here!

Mercenaries – the Deck Building RPG game is here!

Box Art_With Name_Small

After a few years in development, the game is now ready to buy from our store from £35.99.

We hope you’ll join us on our journey into making more games & adventures, and have fun along the way! Continue reading


Future Plans & Projects, and what’s going into the box

We have created a new page detailing our Future Plans and Projects. This hints at information about other projects we are planning for the future.

However, we would like to emphasize we focus on one project at a time so as not to spread ourselves thin. Because we have multiple projects, we will often find an idea in one project that leads us to work on another due to similar themes.


In Mercenaries news, we have updated the information page with the contents of the base set. We are aiming to keep to this list, but we will update the page should this alter.


If anyone would like more information on what we are doing, please email us at

Mercenaries Game – Detailed Overview & Current status of game

Hi all!

We have updated the Mercenaries description page with more information.

Currently the 1st deck of the game is finished in digital format. All cards for the first deck have been play tested, and have a finished card. We wish to include more than one deck with the game though. We are currently planning to have 2 decks and some extra cards, allowing you to randomize how you play the game for multiple sessions.

If anyone would like more information on what we are doing, please email us at

Hello world

Hello everyone!

We are Colin And Ryan Pearson Games. We are a new company creating board, card and tabletop games. We will be producing our first game soon. If you would like to know more about us, check our about section, or please email us at