Expansions to Mercenaries

As we develop the game, we are going to support it with regular expansion packs.

Each expansion pack will introduce:

  • New Monsters – With new abilities that change how they fight. We will also introduce abilities that cause a greater variety and number of monsters that appear in a room. This alters how players need to strategize from deck to deck and room to room, giving greater replayability with each expansion.
  • New Cards – New Skills and Abilities allowing players to create new strategies. New Area Features also throw new challenges at the players to contend with.
  • New Mechanics – Each expansion will focus on introducing new concepts (unique monster effects,skill cards that behave abnormally, and so on). These features would then make semi-regular appearances in future decks.


A little preview of what the future holds. Art by Josh Filhol.

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Mercenaries Game – Detailed Overview & Current status of game

Hi all!

We have updated the Mercenaries description page with more information.

Currently the 1st deck of the game is finished in digital format. All cards for the first deck have been play tested, and have a finished card. We wish to include more than one deck with the game though. We are currently planning to have 2 decks and some extra cards, allowing you to randomize how you play the game for multiple sessions.

If anyone would like more information on what we are doing, please email us at ColinAndRyanPearsonGames@Gmail.com

How we found our artists

Today we’d like to tell you more about our artists for our deck building game, Mercenaries. We were looking for new talent, and so went to an open day at Stoke University. Ryan went to Staffordshire University at Stafford Campus- where they had courses on television, music production, and were more computer and digitally focused- but the University also has a Stoke Campus. Stoke University leans toward art and design. We were very impressed with the quality of the work on display there. We had around 10 artists who’s business cards we took. We had to narrow this down to 3 or 4.

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Mercenaries – card development

As mentioned in our previous post, the concept of our game was a battle strategy game using deck building and tabletop elements. Once we had established the basic concept we set about designing a number of cards that would allow players to perform actions outside of the normal rules.


As you can see, this card allows you to move an extra row forward, while turning Defense cards into damage. (Artwork by Callum Foster

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How we started up & the birth of Mercenaries

It’s time for a little bit more about us, and how our first project Mercenaries came to be.

Ryan and Colin every weekend tried to squeeze in a game to play.  We realized while there are deck building games that emulate tabletop RPGs, there was no true deck building tabletop strategy game. After several weeks (and several gaming sessions and lots of writing), we had put a concept together for the game.

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Hello world

Hello everyone!

We are Colin And Ryan Pearson Games. We are a new company creating board, card and tabletop games. We will be producing our first game soon. If you would like to know more about us, check our about section, or please email us at ColinAndRyanPearsonGames@Gmail.com