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One of the worst wars subsided a century ago. As armies grew smaller the former soldiers formed their own militias, guilds, and criminal gangs.

 In the kingdom of Berelt, mercenary groups are as much a part of the land as the trees and the rivers. Rulers, lords, and those of considerable wealth often call upon them to solve problems that aren’t important enough for an army- or where an army would lack a certain subtly. Make no mistake; these are not the great heroes of legend.

These mercenaries vary in morality and motives, but they share the same thing: A desire for glory and wealth.

The code of the mercenary dictates that no mercenary may strike another, lest they be struck down by all others. However there’s nothing to stop them from tricking, stealing kills, stealing weapons, distracting, lying, or anything else to get ahead. The reputation of being the best mercenary is all that matters!

Mercenaries incorporates a mix of a tabletop game with the strategy of a deck building game. Players move around a grid while fighting monsters using cards from their hand. Be careful though, only the player that lands the killing blow gets the glory! Players must strategize when to attack, when to defend, and where to stand. Players also have to contend with other players using their abilities to turn the game on its head, charging ahead of the pack, making a monster retaliate against someone else, or coercing other players into helping.

This is a deck building game that incorporates strategical movement on a tabletop board. We have removed as many dice as possible to prevent the game from being too luck based, allowing your own strategies by what cards you acquire to thrive. The game also has multiple strategic levels. What cards to acquire, where to move on the board, and when to attack. All of these can alter what other players might be planning!

The game can be played with 2 to 4 players, either competitively or cooperatively.

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Contents of Base Set

  • A total of 607 cards with a total of 81 different types.
  • 2 rule books.
  • 1 20-sided die.
  • 4 play mats.
  • 4 score pads.
  • Tokens and counters.









Artwork by: Callum Foster, Josh Filhol and Oliver Reynolds.

Symbols by: and Thomas Tamblyn “Lorc”.

Rules & Downloads

Mercenaries Rule Book – Download

Adventure Book Sample – Download

Scorepad – Download

Mercenaries – Print & Play Demo – Download

Mercenaries – Print & Play Demo – Alternate Download

Please note the Adventure Book Sample and the Print & Play Demo only includes 1 “adventure”. The final game will have 4 adventures- each with their own Monsters to fight, and new Ability, Area Feature, and Skill Cards.

Future Plans

We are aiming to release expansion packs to Mercenaries, supporting the game for the foreseeable future.

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