Future Games & Projects

This page is for information for future games and projects. We have many projects in their initial stages and drafts, but we prefer to fully develop one project at a time.

However, we will not mention a new game here unless development and testing shows it is a fun game that will work.

Current Focus

We are currently focused on…

  • Printing Mercenaries.
  • Developing expansions for Mercenaries.

Mercenaries: Campaign

An extension on the Mercenaries deck-building game system, the campaign version will feature a campaign book like a traditional co-operative tabletop game quest. The game will still feature a deck you build over the course of the game, but between quests you will only be allowed to carry over a certain amount of cards. Player work on improving the quality of their deck from quest to quest. They will fight monsters exclusive to the campaign, as well as unique rooms and scenarios not possible in a normal competitive game of Mercenaries. These cards will also be compatible with the normal Mercenaries game in some form.


All of these projects are at different stages of development. When they are closer to release, they will gain their own page with more information on it.


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