Mercenaries – Going International

We have added international postage charges for USA, Germany, and France for Mercenaries. We are working to calculate other international shipping options, so please let us know if you are outside the UK and are interested in buying a copy from our store.


For more information or advice for where to go on your holidays, feel free to contact us at


Mercenaries is almost here!

Our first game- Mercenaries– is almost here.

The Deck Building Skirmish game is currently on a boat, and will be arriving in the UK within the week.

We then need just a few days to prepare our store, and it will be ready to sell for £35.99!


For more information, feel free to contact us at

Card Preview: Giant Spider

This week, we show off the first giant monster- the Giant Spider.


Mercenaries takes place on  6 x 6 grid that mercenaries and monsters move around. Monsters come in four sizes. Small, Medium, and Large monsters take up a single square. Giant monsters can take up two squares. They can even pivot on one square and rotate to go through gaps that are too thin! However, as the giant monster sits on two squares, this opens up more angles it can be attacked from. Only the person who lands the killing blow gets the EXP and MvPs!

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Card Preview: Pummel

This week we show off the Skill Melee card, Pummel


Pummel deals more damage to Humanoid Monsters, so while filling your deck with them seems like a good idea- bare in mind non-Humanoid Monsters will take the normal damage. Multiple Skill cards can be played during a player’s turn, the total damage (the sword symbol) being subtracted by the Monster’s defense; and the end result being the number of wounds that Monster takes.

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