Mercenaries Update: Demo Print Received!

Hi All!

We have received the demo print for Mercenaries!

Cards that can be purchased during the game, along with the Area Feature Deck, Reserve Monster Deck, First Player Card, and Monster Deck.

Overview of the Battle Area. A 6 x 6 gird. Each of the tiles are slightly smaller than the cards that sit on them, making it easier to pick cards up.


The play-mat & scorepad included in the initial release of the game.

Mid-way through a game. Red, Purple, and Green have all attacked the Monsters; making them retaliate. Because of this, they all have Acted Tokens on them. Blue fell victim to a trap, so he’s lagging behind.


We are currently proof-reading this demo set to ensure everything is satisfactory. Once we are happy, we shall place an order and the game shall soon be available for pre-order from our store.
For more information, feel free to contact us at


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