Card Preview: Giant Spider

This week, we show off the first giant monster- the Giant Spider.


Mercenaries takes place on  6 x 6 grid that mercenaries and monsters move around. Monsters come in four sizes. Small, Medium, and Large monsters take up a single square. Giant monsters can take up two squares. They can even pivot on one square and rotate to go through gaps that are too thin! However, as the giant monster sits on two squares, this opens up more angles it can be attacked from. Only the person who lands the killing blow gets the EXP and MvPs!

The Giant Spider itself is a Giant Ranged Insectoid Monster. Ranged Monsters prefer to shoot, and if a Mercenary is next to them they’ll run away. Due to the Giant Spider’s size, it might have less space to run- so it’ll turn and fight in melee! If it inflicts damage on you in either melee or ranged combat, you then become Webbed and can’t move for one turn. Getting up close and personal with this Monster can be tricky. If you are skilled enough to kill this monster and it turns up in your hand, you can discard it to become immune to being webbed for the rest of your turn.

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