Card Preview: Pummel

This week we show off the Skill Melee card, Pummel


Pummel deals more damage to Humanoid Monsters, so while filling your deck with them seems like a good idea- bare in mind non-Humanoid Monsters will take the normal damage. Multiple Skill cards can be played during a player’s turn, the total damage (the sword symbol) being subtracted by the Monster’s defense; and the end result being the number of wounds that Monster takes.

Like most cards, Skill cards are purchased with EXP. While the EXP cost of Pummel is 0, the conditions to acquire it are not so simple. Skill cards often have a condition under which they can be acquired. Only after killing a certain kind of Monster, having to trash a specific type of card from your hand, and so on.

Skill cards can be Melee, Ranged, or Defense. There are often multiple strategies you could employ with the available Skill cards per Adventure, and when you combine those effects with Ability cards, you get even more! Choose your Skills carefully and your deck will turn into a Monster killing machine. Just remember killed Monsters also end up in your deck, so don’t let your deck get gummed up by cards with no effects!


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