Card Preview: Tokens & Counters

Alright this is sort of a cheat, but this week’s “card” preview is the games tokens & counters.

The base game has eight tokens & counters. Acted Tokens, Area Feature Tokens, Poison Tokens, Webbed Tokens, Burn Counters, Webbed Tokens, Preparation Tokens, Summon Counters, and Wound Counters.

Acted Tokens are applied to Mercenaries and Monsters after they have attacked/retaliated, to show they can’t do so again this turn.
Area Feature Tokens are used to indicate if a Mercenary or Monster is under the effect of the Area Feature card.
Poison Tokens mean a player takes a little damage at the start of every turn.
Webbed Tokens stop players moving for one turn.
Burn Counters mean a player takes damage equal to the number of Burn Counters they have at the start of every turn.
Preperation Tokens (or Prep Tokens) show that a Monster is preparing its effect.
Summon Counters show how many more times a Monster can summon another Monster.
And Wound Counters show how many wounds a Monster has on it- Mercenaries note down their health on their scorepad, as Mercenaries can go into negative health.

All icons in the tokens were created by Thomas Tamblyn “Lorc” ( and used under Creative Commons 3.0 BY license, available at

For any questions or tokens of appreciation, please contact us at



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