Card Preview: Lava Beetle

While we are waiting for the printing to be sorted, we are going to be showing off some of the cards.

Lava Beetles are a Medium sized Insectoid Ranged Monster. Ranged Monsters prefer to sit on the back row furthest away from the Mercenaries- shooting at them from afar. They only attack in melee once they can’t run away.

The Lava Beetle’s Ranged Attack can also inflict Burn. Burn is applied with an attack, and players must take Burn Tokens equal to the wounds they took that turn. At the beginning of the turn, players take 1 wound for each Burn Token they have, then remove one. So if you have no defense, a Lava Beetle can inflict 2 wounds with it’s ranged attack, then the burning will deal a total of 3 more wounds over 2 turns! And if more than one Lava Beetle hits you… Very nasty. Even if you do have armor, the Lava Beetle’s Burn is guaranteed to place 1 Burn Token, even if you took no damage from it’s attack. There are cards in the game that allow you to remove all Burn Tokens and not take any more for one turn, so remember to buy them when you’re in trouble.

The lighter box underneath the Lava Beetle’s effect is what you can do when this card is in your hand. When you kill a Monster, it goes to your Discard Pile- which becomes your Deck (when you need to draw cards and the Deck is empty). Most Monsters however do not have useful effects like this in hand, so make sure to counter your ever-growing kills with more Skills and Abilities.

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