Card Preview: Tokens & Counters

Alright this is sort of a cheat, but this week’s “card” preview is the games tokens & counters.

The base game has eight tokens & counters. Acted Tokens, Area Feature Tokens, Poison Tokens, Webbed Tokens, Burn Counters, Webbed Tokens, Preparation Tokens, Summon Counters, and Wound Counters.

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Card Preview: Lava Beetle

While we are waiting for the printing to be sorted, we are going to be showing off some of the cards.

Lava Beetles are a Medium sized Insectoid Ranged Monster. Ranged Monsters prefer to sit on the back row furthest away from the Mercenaries- shooting at them from afar. They only attack in melee once they can’t run away.

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Hello Imgur

So the other day Ryan posted something on Imgur, and it’s gotten a LOT of attention.
To all our new visitors -whether you are Valor, Mystic, Instinct or just Team Imgur- Welcome.

Please click the little red hexagon for more pages to explore on this website, including more information about our new deck-building game- Mercenaries.

For those of you who want to try it now, we have a Print & Play Demo available. This includes the first Adventure, and the final game will have four Adventures in total. You will need the Rule Book, Sample Adventure Book, and possibly a Scorepad.

Some of you may have noticed our Kickstarter. In the event it is not funded- we do have an alternate funding method. Therefore, we will be placing the order with the printer next week. The game will be printed no matter what! Please re-visit the website for more information on the game, and when it will be available.

We will also be updating the website with our pre-order offer. We will investigate the shipping costs (as we do not have an approx. weight at this time), and are aiming to offer free shipping in the UK for all UK pre-orders. However, if you are outside the UK and wish to pre-order, please email us your location. We will investigate the shipping costs and will attempt to make a pre-order offer for your region!

For any questions not covered on the website, please contact us at