Expansions to Mercenaries

As we develop the game, we are going to support it with regular expansion packs.

Each expansion pack will introduce:

  • New Monsters – With new abilities that change how they fight. We will also introduce abilities that cause a greater variety and number of monsters that appear in a room. This alters how players need to strategize from deck to deck and room to room, giving greater replayability with each expansion.
  • New Cards – New Skills and Abilities allowing players to create new strategies. New Area Features also throw new challenges at the players to contend with.
  • New Mechanics – Each expansion will focus on introducing new concepts (unique monster effects,skill cards that behave abnormally, and so on). These features would then make semi-regular appearances in future decks.


A little preview of what the future holds. Art by Josh Filhol.

Each expansion will be compatible with the base game and can be mixed with each other, giving a huge amount of replayability and variety. This also gives player customization and creation; either by methods explained in the rule book (ensuring the player’s challenge is fair), or by their own choice (to let players see how far they can push boundaries).

Players are also free to mix cards in any manner they see fit. Monsters are never a fish out of water (even when they are a fish out of water) and they are more then happy to work together to defeat players. We would also encourage players to exchange set-ups.

We are testing a vast number of expansions at this time.

If anyone would like more information on what we are doing, please email us at ColinAndRyanPearsonGames@Gmail.com


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