Mercenaries – card development

As mentioned in our previous post, the concept of our game was a battle strategy game using deck building and tabletop elements. Once we had established the basic concept we set about designing a number of cards that would allow players to perform actions outside of the normal rules.


As you can see, this card allows you to move an extra row forward, while turning Defense cards into damage. (Artwork by Callum Foster

These cards can be acquired once players have gained EXP (experience) from killing monsters. This was done to reflect a character learning new abilities in combat. These allow the player to deal more damage, defend better, move in ways outside of the normal rules; and this means that even their opponent’s best laid plans can be foiled by playing one of these ability cards at the right time. In the future as we plan to do themed expansion packs, new ability cards will be themed on those decks.

If anyone would like more information on what we are doing, please email us at


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